The Castillon Family

Rosalyn, Elric, Anise, Gaurin, and Aldith

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"Neither you bitch." Eloise said to the teen.

"Please. ‘No one ever loved me. That’s why I’m so cold?’"

"Either you are mistaken about the real reason for your attitude and are falsely attributing it to your childhood, or you are aware of the real reasons for your attitude - which may or may not be your childhood - but are still using it as an excuse to continue acting cold because you are unaware of how to change. Or you just like it.”

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"No one ever loved me. That’s why I’m so cold." She was hesitant to speak upon her past life.

"Is that a lie or an excuse?"

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Going Off Tumblr For a While
// Hello, my lovelies. :)

I’m going to be going off tumblr for an indefinite amount of time. I realized recently how much of my life it’s eating up. I mean, I sit here reloading my dash for hours on end when I should be working on art, music, Japanese, writing, and Scripture study (the things that actually affect my life and future).

This is not to say I don’t care about you. I love each and every one of you and am so glad I’ve been able to meet you. That being said, if you still want to talk to me I will still be occasionally poking at one of my non-rp blogs (flowers-for-mr-ukki) and am also on Facebook, Google, and Livejournal. (if you want to talk to me on Facebook or Google, just send me an ask and I’ll tell you privately)

At one point, tumblr was a good thing for me. It helped me cope with the stress in my life and helped spark my creativity. But now it has become a hindrance to the things I am supposed to be doing with my life and it is stunting my creativity rather than fueling it.

I will probably poke my head in from time to time to read up on other people’s threads.

I LOVE YOU! This is not a final goodbye, but rather a temporary parting of unknown length.

NOTE: I’m posting this on my other main rp blogs too. Sorry if it shows up more than once for some of you.

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The Fine Art of Social Manipulation




Johanne shrugged and leaned back onto her hands, staring at the ceiling in thought. “Why be scared? I’m smart and pretty and my family loves me. And I love them.” She looked back at Aldith. “Isn’t love weird. It’s like, you have to give it to get it, but we all get so caught up getting it that we forget to give.”

Aldith felt a flicker of something at the mention of family. It was silly really. She should not feel jealous. After all, she did not care about her family’s love. It was all superficial and forced. Her parents loved each other first, themselves second, her siblings after that, and her? She was an afterthought. Always an ‘Of course we love you, Aldith.’ Never mentioned without prompting like they did Anise and Gaurin. She was an afterthought and heir to nothing of consequence.

She shook the feeling off as quickly as it came. There was nothing to be jealous of, after all. And all this talk of giving to receive was much more her language. “In the same way politicians give favors for votes. It’s natural to be selfish.”

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The Fine Art of Social Manipulation




Johanne nodded. “They have enough power to be honest and help people, but they don’t. They’re too scared.” Her expression turned to a grin as she met Aldith’s eyes. “But I’m not.”

Aldith was puzzled by her. She could not tell if the girl was being completely open or if she was just a master at hiding her thoughts. There was something discomforting about people who were so innocent and honest, yet not gullible. The two rarely came hand in hand. Especially with girls of her age and even more so with people of their class.

"What gives you such confidence?"

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Pearls and Other Unnecessary Finery // Ladyaldithofcastillon




Ultana’s expression changed entirely and she finally gave the girl a rather amused, genuine smile. She lifted her chin a little and then took the girl’s hand, shaking it - and it was only then that she finally popped one of the nuts into her mouth. 

"Good to meet you, Aldith." 

Half a pause.

"And to be quite honest, you’re very good- if you’re talking to a politician. But I’m not one. I just deal with them every day." 

"Well, you know," she shrugged. "Politicians all know they’re lying to each other anyway, so I guess you just have to pretend you actually have something to lie about." She picked up a few of the nuts and tried one. They were hinted with honey and salt, the only way Aldith ever liked them. "These are good, aren’t they,” she said, seemingly half to herself.

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// went through ally my receipts from coffee this last school year. HOLY SHIT COFFEE COSTS A LOT

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